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Our Yoga Teachers

Find out all about our wonderful yoga teaching team at Falmouth Yoga Space.

  • Amanda

    Amanda has been teaching for 30 years with a love of the body..all aspects of every body…starting early with dance, sculpture and anatomical life drawing. Following her fine art degree she started studying Iyengar yoga in Australia and continued to intermediate level in the UK. She has studied with many teachers in Pune and from around the world, completing several other teacher trainings and continuing to pursue new learning. For the last 16 years her development has been underpinned by her apprenticeship in Dzogchen Buddhism. During this time her curiosity has led her to continued exploration of other styles of yoga and particularly more somatic movement through Feldenkrais, authentic movement, and continuum. Alongside her yoga studies, complementary health and bodywork have deeply informed her work and she has practiced and taught several modalities. She found her therapeutic home in Biodynamic CranioSacral therapy which she studied at the the Karuna Institute 10 years ago and has subsequently done several courses on embryology, birth trauma and relational therapeutics. As a result of this training and to stay in integrity she left the Iyengar tradition and shifted her teaching to integrate a different understanding and prioritising of the mind body continuum, encouraging relaxed experimentation, kindness and trust within a framework of anatomical understanding. She teaches several classes a week from intermediate to therapeutic and considers learning from long term relationship with students to be the backbone of her experience. She contributes to several teacher trainings around the UK encouraging enquiry into how and why patterns might be manifesting in our system and how they influence our lives off the mat. She also focuses on short level 2 trainings that are intended to provide inspiration, empowerment and fresh insight to experienced teachers. She is involved with various writing groups and teaches women to weave meditation shawls through her embodied craft project:13 looms, demonstrating creativity as an important aspect of living with skilfull means in the co emergent field. Amanda studied with Dr Gabor Mate 2019-2020 on his ground breaking compassionate Inquiry training and is currently half way through an MA in Authorial Practice at Falmouth University.

    You can anticipate leaving a class feeling grounded and energised. For more information please visit Amanda’s website or call 01326 318776/07586346688

  • Simon

    Simon loves the deep blue of the sea on a bright sunny afternoon. He adores living in Cornwall and sharing this beautiful part of the world with his family and friends when they come to stay. He is passionate about the Arts. His deep interest in yoga; how body, mind and spirit are intrinsically linked, grows out of his career as a professional dance artist and teacher. Creativity is at his core.

  • Lizzy

    Lizzy started the physical practice of yoga in 2015. Shortly after her discovery she went travelling for some years where she spent a lot of time in Krishna-conscious communities, Buddhist centres and ashrams, delving into the well of yoga. After an attempt to do her first training in India she found herself quickly back in the UK with all airports closed… curious.. then landed safely in the lap of the Vinyasa & Restorative training here at FYS.

    The learnings from both trainings weave together –  alongside her own practice, study, teachers & general life lessons to form her classes. You can expect plenty of moments to pause, look inward, see what’s going on there, and choose how you want to respond to that in your physical practice as you flow with breath. Her primary focus is a reminder for herself – to know that you are all good, just a human, doing and feeling human things. You’ll probably hear one her poems during sivasana that reiterates just that.

  • Holly

  • Amely

    Amely trained as a dancer and teacher of Classical Ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. She joined C.O.D Contemporary Dance company on graduation, performing for three years in works by choreographer Angela Praed in the South West, London and at Glastonbury Festival. She then switched her focus purely to teaching ballet technique and hit her 30 year teaching anniversary in 2023!

    Amely has been practicing yoga for over a decade, first studying with Amanda Brown. She completed the 300 hr TT last year at FYS and took on the Thursday Slowflow class soon after, combining this with the ‘day job’ of teaching Classical Ballet technique on both the BA Hons Dance and Choreography (alongside Simon!), and the BA Hons Musical Theatre degrees, as well as teaching and coaching at various local dance schools. Amely also works as an Examiner for the Royal Academy of Dance which takes her all over the UK and beyond.

    Amely has also completed the 100 hr Restorative Yoga training course with Amanda, plus various Dance Practitioner courses on flexibility, core stability, common injury and prevention and has a real interest in anatomy and biomechanics.
    Amely’s classes combine her dance background with asana, producing a fluid and flowing style of movement connected to the breath and incorporating dance-related movements and somatics, traditional vinyasa, pranayama and stretching, plus a solid savasana!

  • Emily