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Private yoga classes

Personalised yoga lessons are one of the quickest way to reach your goals, whether that is to explore downward facing dog for the first time, play with inversions, recover from an injury or learn how to play a tune on the harmonium!

The whole concept of a Yoga “class” is relatively new as compared to the history of the practice. For centuries Yoga was not taught in group classes, but as a one-on-one practice.

A private yoga session ensures that you are guided in the right direction for your particular needs, that you work towards goals that suit your body and your temperament, and that you maximise your own personal growth.

We have a variety of teachers to suit your needs, including teachers with specialist training in yoga for special needs, yoga for teenagers, yoga therapy to help recover an injury or illness, yoga for cancer and more.

The typical price of a one hour private session is £40 for 1-4 people, £60 for 4-8 and £100 for a group of more than 8.

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