Yoga Styles

Rise & Shine (all levels)

A 60 min energising vinyasa class that is suitable for all levels with a focus on stretching and moving to get the body warmed up and ready for the day ahead.

Vinyasa Foundations/beginners (beginners)

yoga-mentoringYoga foundations is our beginners class and is suitable for anyone who would like to visit the foundation principles and alignment of an asana (physical) practice as well as touching on the yogic philosophy behind the practice. This class will give you the confidence and know-how to join our general level vinyasa classes when you are ready.

Slow Flow (all levels)

The perfect class if you are transitioning out of our foundations classes or you are not feeling like a faster paced vinyasa class. You can still aspect a beautiful flowing practice but at a slighter slower pace and lots of focus on alignment.

Vinyasa (intermediate)

Our general vinyasa classes are  suitable for  all  levels and focus on linking yoga postures in a flowing sequence that enhance our bodies, minds and lift our spirit. You can expect to walk away feeling rejuvenated and energised!

Lotus Flow™ Vinyasa (advanced)

Merging radically fluid asana and an awesome playlist into a dynamic, devotional dance, Lotus Flow Yoga delivers a physical and spiritual high. Our Offerings guide you to unleash the asanas within and challenge you to go deeper. These are more dynamic classes, some experience of yoga is essential and these classes are NOT suitable for those recovering from injuries or illness. We would suggest coming to our vinyasa classes before stepping into Lotus Flow.

Sankalpa Sunday Sessions (all levels)

Join us each week for an easy going vinyasa yoga class incorporating intention setting for the week ahead, pranayama (breathing techniques), a graceful flow and meditation. Finish your week the right way!

Men’s Only Yoga (Broga)

Our men’s only class does what it says on the tin! The class will focus on the foundations of yoga as well as exploring the poses that stretch and strengthen the male body where it needs it most. Suitable for all chaps, and especially those who practice another sport – surfing, running, cycling, football and rugby – and need a little help repairing tight muscles and old injuries.

Restorative Yoga (all levels)

Come home to yourself. A deeply nourishing class combing supported restorative yoga poses, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra. This class will allow you the space and time to connect deeply with yourself.

Therapeutic yoga (all levels)

Therapeutic yoga is helpful for anyone who feels that coming to a general class is too demanding for them at the moment but they would love/need to move their body and feel more energised and relaxed. This may be because you have lost confidence, you have been ill and are in recovery or you have injury. We work with a range of movements and props to safely develop stability, function, strength, flexibility and release.

Ashtanga (intermediate)

Our Ashtanga classes are dynamic and challenging but suitable for all levels as modifications will be given accordingly. Though seemingly very physical, the primary focus will be on the correct breathing method (Ujjayi), this,  along with Asana (posture) and Drishti (looking point) creates the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. The breath and movement of body are synchronized through Vinyasa  to create a harmonious, fluid sequence between asana.

Hatha (all levels)

A mixed ability class with a focus on posture alignment, breath and relaxation.  Prepare to get warm, explore holding asanas (postures) for a few breaths, flow through connective sequences and find space in your body and mind.  We’ll work together to leave you feeling calm, grounded, flexible and strong!