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Hannah’s relationship with yoga started in her early teens, after being advised of its benefits to mental health. She dipped in and out of different styles and teachers through out the years until something clicked when she went to her first vinyasa class with Keren.

Hannah started teaching shortly after qualifying under Keren’s guidance in 2016. Since then she has undergone further trainings with Keren, Amanda Brown, and Heather Mason, founder of the minded institute. As she continues to learn, she mindfully adapts her offerings, in order to make them more inclusive and accessible to every body and mind.

Hannah’s classes have been described as being rich in philosophy and thought invoking. Her intention is to offer people the opportunity to explore the various facets of the self, through the tools borrowed from the ancient teachings of Yoga, and to look at how we can integrate them into our lives off the mat. All while being, in a gently held environment. Her offerings are layered in such a way that there is space to move, breathe and reflect, and have an emphasis on welcoming and honouring all that is present in each given moment.

Hannah personally has a keen interest in the mind-body connection and the science behind how the various aspects of a yoga and meditation practice can improve and maintain mental wellbeing.

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