Level 2 Teaching with Props – 25 hours with Amanda

Level 2 25 hour module. Teaching with props. 2019 dates TBC

Would you like to learn how to effectively use props to enhance both your practice and your teaching skills?

Props (mats, belts, blocks, bricks, chairs, bandages, bolsters, wheels, balls and anything else that inspires your curiosity) are an incredibly useful tool in your classes to help students accesses poses safety, to feel supported, nurtured, to be used as therapeutic tools or just for fun!

On this course we will particularly explore how they can be used to support people with restrictions in mobility for more intelligent and sustainable practice. We will also look at how we can use them for testing range safely in postures, facilitated movement and just for to have fun in our practice exploring more ‘advanced asana’.

Cost £175 (£700 if taking all four 2018 level 2 modules)

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