Level 2 Women’s Yoga – 40 hours with Amanda and Keren

Yoga for women. Level 2. 24/25 November and 8/9 December

A thorough introduction to yoga for all women and women’s health through all the major stages of our life.

Focusing on shakti, the energising female principle and its creative manifestation through our lives, we will look at adolescence and menarche, menstruation, the ‘doing years’, pregnancy and postnatal bodies, peri menopause and post menopausal years through the lenses of embodied anatomy and contemporary/traditional wisdom (Ayurveda, goddess lore, TCM). We will also be delving into asana or these different stages of a women’s life and looking how to sequence classes in a smart, safe and creative way to support our female students.

By the end of the course you will have developed a deeper awareness of your own cycles and how to support other women with theirs through the use of a variety of yogic tools.

This course is open to accredited teachers. 100% participation in the course is required. A manual will be provided and at least 7 hours of home study will also be required.

Cost £200 (or £700 if taking all four level 2 2018 modules)