Yin University with Grace & Eimear 16th-18th August 2019

The aim of this training is to equip teachers with the tools necessary to teach yin yoga effectively, and to support teachers in translating their personal experience of the practice into a potent offering for their students. The training will support the development of teaching skills as well as the deepening of each individual’s practice.

The training contains:

1. The core tenets of yin yoga as a practice.
2. The yin yoga postures.
3. Linking in the meridians
4. Sequencing for your classes – A practical guide
5. The Functional Approach – anatomy and skeletal variation
6. Yin teaching skills.
7. Looking at the shadow.

Students will receive a manual containing notes pertaining to the above, and daily yin yoga practice will be a significant component of this offering.

Required reading : ‘The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga’ by Bernie Clarke.

Cost £395 or £350 earlybird if paid in full by 1st May 2019. Payments plans available with £100 non refundable deposit  (earlybird not available on payment plans) please contact info@falmouthyogaspace.co.uk

Any further queries about the training itself can be emailed to gracetempany@gmail.com or eimearyoga@gmail.com

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